Sunday, October 29, 2017

Happy Halloween

Celebrate Halloween with some of our favorite classic actresses ....

Clara Bow                                                                 Nancy Carroll

Ava Gardner                                                                               Dorothy Lee

Marilyn Monroe                                                                                                              Betty Grable

Gwen Lee                                                                          Joan Crawford

Mary Miles Minter                                                                                     Barbara Worth

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Marie Prevost's Nude Photos

Marie Prevost became a popular actress during the 1920s. During her career she posed for some nude and semi-nude photos.

Lorraine Eason (1920s Starlet)

Lorraine Eason was born on August 27, 1904 in Norfolk, Virginia. Her father worked for the government and the family moved often. Lorraine was educated in Panama and New York. When she was a teenager she convinced her parents to let her move to Hollywood to become an actress. She made her film debut in the 1923 drama The Temple of Venus. Florenz Ziegfeld offered her a featured role in his Ziegfeld Follies but she turned it down. In 1925 Lorraine was chosen to attend Paramount Pictures "School For Stars" in Astoria, New York. She had starring roles in the Westerns The Grey Devil and Riders of the Sand Storm.

Lorraine signed a five year contract with F.B.O. Pictures in 1926. She appeared in numerous shorts including The Beauty Parlor and Boys Will Be Girls. Unhappy with the roles she was being offered she quit acting in 1928. Lorraine was engaged to Detroit businessman Harry Elsner but they broke up. She married Captain Harold A. White, an Olympic athlete and Army Intelligence officer, in 1933. The couple moved to Georgia and remained together until Harold's death in 1973. Lorraine died on October 24, 1986 at the age of eighty-two.

Monday, October 16, 2017

Classic Actors Dressed In Drag

Since the early days of Hollywood male actors have been dressing as women onscreen (and sometimes off screen too). Here are some of our favorite actors dressed in drag ...

Cary Grant                                                      Fatty Arbuckle

Broderick Crawford                                                              Robert Cummings

Mickey Rooney                                                                            Robert Mitchum

William Powell                                                                              Buster Keaton

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Lucille Carlisle (1920s Starlet)

Lucille Carlisle was born Ida Lucille White on August 31, 1895 in Galesburg, Illinois. After her father abandoned the family her mother opened a boarding house in Spokane, Washington. At the age of sixteen Lucille was briefly married. Soon after she she won a beauty contest organized by Photoplay Magazine. She moved to New York City and began her career on Broadway as Lucille Zintheo. Later she changed her stage name Lucille Carlisle. In 1918 she was signed by Vitagraph Pictures and was cast in the Larry Semon comedy Boodle and Bandits. Larry and Lucille would make more than a twenty movies together including The Simple Life and A Pair of Kings. They became a popular onscreen team while off screen they had a tempestuous romance. Lucille was unhappy with the shape of her nose and underwent numerous plastic surgeries.

In 1922 she and Larry were secretly married. Later that year Lucille suffered a nervous breakdown. She recovered but her marriage to Larry ended in divorce. In 1923 she auditioned for the lead in The Hunchback of Notre Dame but Patsy Ruth Miller got the part. Lucille developed a drinking problem and was often under a doctors care for her nerves. She decided to stop acting and married businessman Leland H. Millikin in 1930. Lucille, who never had children, adopted her niece when her sister was unable to raise her. During World War 2 she made several radio appearances. Lucille died on October 19, 1958 due to a liver disorder. She was buried at Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Glendale, California.

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Carmen Miranda (Brazilian Bombshell)

"Look at me and tell me if I don't have Brazil in every curve of my body." ~ Carmen 

 Carmen Miranda was born Maria do Carmo Miranda da Cunha on February 9, 1909, in a small village in Portugal. Her family moved to Brazil when she was a baby. Carmen attended a convent school until the age of fourteen when she dropped out to get a job. She wanted to be in show business and got her big break in 1929 when she was discovered by composer Josué de Barros. Her first recording "Tai" was a major hit and she quickly became one of Brazil's most popular Samba singers. Audiences loved her elaborate stage shows, lavish costumes, and large fruity headpieces. In 1940 she was offered a contract at 20th Century Fox. She made her film debut Down Argentine Way costarring Betty Grable. Over the next five years she appeared in several hit musical including Week-End In Havana, The Gang's All Here, and Copacabana. Her thick accent typecasted her and she always played the same ditzy "Brazilian Bombshell" character. Many of her Latin American fans were upset at the way she was portrayed in her movies but Carmen claimed she only did it for the money. At the peak of her fame she earned more than $200,000 a year.

Carmen was romantically linked to actors Mickey Rooney, Dean Martin, and Robert Mitchum She tried to change her image by playing an Irish character in the 1946 film If I'm Lucky but it flopped. Her music career continued to be a big success and she toured all over the world. In 1947 she married producer David Alfred Sebastian. During their marriage she suffered a miscarriage and they separated several times. She refused to get a divorce because she was Catholic. Carmen's heavy drinking and rumored cocaine use began to take a toll on her health. Worried about her aging appearance she underwent a facelift. Her final movie was the comedy Scared Stiff released in 1953. She started suffering from serious depression and underwent electroshock therapy. Despite her problems she continued to make appearances on television shows like What's My Line and The Jimmy Durante Show. On August 5, 1955 Carmen suffered a heart attack and died at her Beverly Hills home. She was only forty-six years old. More than 60,000 fans attended her funeral. She was buried in the Cemitério São João Batista in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. In 2011 Carmen was immortalized with a postage stamp by the United States government.

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Irene Lentz (Fashion Designer)

"Anything new and beautiful makes one think beautiful thoughts." ~ Irene

Irene Maud Lentz was born on December 8, 1901 in Baker. Montana. When she was a teenager she moved to Hollywood to become an actress. She found work as a Mack Sennett bathing beauty and appeared in the comedies Picking Peaches and A Tailor-Made Man. Irene married director F. Richard Jones in 1929. Tragically he died a year later from tuberculosis. To make extra money Irene decided to open a dress shop. In 1933 she was asked to design the clothes for Lily Damita in Goldie Gets Along. She quickly became one of Hollywood's top costumes designers. Irene had a passionate affair with actor Gary Cooper. She later said he was the only man she really loved. In 1936 she married Elliot Gibbons, a writer. Irene became the head costume designer at MGM where she created iconic costumes for Lana Turner and Judy Garland.

  Irene and Jeanette MacDonald                                                                                     

She was nominated for an academy Award in 1948 for her work on B.F.'s Daughter. Eventually she left MGM to open her own fashion house. Unfortunately her marriage to Elliot was troubled and they began living apart. In 1960 Irene's close friend Doris Day asked her to design the clothes for Midnight Lace. She received her second Academy Award nomination for her work on the film. By this time Irene had a serious drinking problem and was suffering from depression. On November 15, 1962 Irene checked into the Knickerbocker hotel in Hollywood. She committed suicide by jumping out of a bathroom window. Irene was sixty-one years old. In her suicide note she wrote ""I'm sorry. This is the best way." She was buried next to her first husband at Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Glendale, California.

                                                                                                              Irene and Betty Francisco