Did Kirk Douglas Rape Natalie Wood?

Unfortunately sexual harassment and rape have been a big part of Hollywood's sordid history. In 1954 sixteen year old Natalie Wood was raped by an older actor. Although she never went to the police she told several of her friends what happened. Natalie claimed that she was raped by actor Kirk Douglas. He had invited her to his room at the Chateau Marmont for an audition. Natalie's mother drove her to the hotel and waited in the car. When she got to the room Kirk gave Natalie a drink and told her he liked "young girls". Then he threw her down on the bed and brutally raped her. The attack lasted for several hours. When it was over he told her "If you tell anyone it will be the last thing you do.".

 Natalie and Kirk Douglas

The rape was so violent that Natalie started bleeding and had to go the hospital. Her mother discouraged her from filing a complaint because she worried it would hurt Natalie's movie career. At the time Kirk Douglas was one of the most powerful stars in Hollywood. He has admitted that in his past he was a womanizer and an alcoholic but he's never confessed to rape. Natalie was traumatized by the rape and spent years in therapy. Friends said she would "shudder" every time she heard Douglas's name. Tragically Natalie died in 1981 without ever getting justice for her rape. Kirk Douglas celebrated his 100th birthday in 2016 and has never been charged with a crime.

16 year old Natalie                                                                                              The Chateau Marmont