Darryl Zanuck Was A Sexual Predator

Darryl F. Zanuck

Darryl F. Zanuck was the head of 20th Century Fox studios from 1944 to 1956. He was one the richest and most powerful men in Hollywood. Zanuck was also one of Hollywood's biggest sexual predators. Any young actress who wanted a contract at Fox was forced to have sex with Darryl Zanuck. Among his many victims was Marilyn Monroe, Linda Darnell, Carole Landis, Gene Tierney, Ann Sheridan, Jayne Mansfield, and Bella Darvi. Once an actress was put under contract at Fox they quickly discovered they still had to do whatever Zanuck wanted. Everyday at 4:00 PM he invited one actress to his office where she was expected to perform oral sex on him. If she refused she was usually fired. According to Zanuck's biographer "Anyone at the studio knew of the afternoon trysts. He was not serious about any of the women. To him they were merely pleasurable breaks in the day — like polo, lunch and practical jokes."

Linda Darnell                                                                                                   Marilyn Monroe

When Carole Landis stopped having sex with Zanuck he spread rumors that she been a prostitute and destroyed her career. During the 1950s Zanuck left his wife for actress Bella Darvi. When he discovered Bella was bi-sexual he cruelly dumped her and left her penniless. Both Carole Landis and Bella Darvi ended up committed suicide. Barbara Stanwyck said that Zanuck chased her around his office and attempted to rape her. When Judy Holliday was called into his office he grabbed her breasts and said "You belong to me". Zanuck also sexually harassed Betty Grable and exposed his penis to her. Joan Collins claims that she was fired by Fox when she refused to have sex with him. Although Darryl Zanuck was never charged with any crime the evil way he treated these actresses was immoral and very wrong.

Carole Landis                                                                                                                 Betty Grable